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The Natamah Day to Day

The Natamah Day to Day

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The Natamah Day to Day is the perfect bag because it can be used as a backpack, tote or crossbody. There are two leather side pockets that are big enough for a water bottle, baby bottle or a Venti Starbucks Chocolate Milk. Ha! Inside, there is one zippered pocket for unmentionables and opposite that are two open pockets. On the outside back of the bag, there is one zippered pocket. This is the perfect place to keep your passport or cash while traveling.

Bag Dimensions:

14.5" Wide x 12" Tall x 4" Deep

Tote Strap Length:

9" from bag to top of strap

Crossbody Strap:

21" and is adjustable

The Natamah Day to Day is turquoise, light violet, maroon, bright pink, cranberry and black. The backside and bottom of bag are gray.

* The backpack strap are removable and the bag comes with the tassel in the photos.

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