About us

Travel back in time to the year 1990 when the concept of Stanley Street first took bloom. In my grandmother’s little brick house on Stanley. That little home was bursting with love and the reason for that was my Gram. She was a top-notch dresser and had a serious collection of handbags, slingbacks, and jewelry. Like many little girls, dressing up in her things was a hobby my six-year-old self loved and Gram was my audience. If I wasn’t using her long hallway as my runway I was sitting quietly in front of her closet. Digging through her large handbags turned into a treasure hunt that occasionally rewarded me with a package of gum or little tissues.

I knew from a small child, I wanted to be just like my Gram. She taught me to wake up and put myself together no matter what the day had in store. Not for what others thought but for myself. To feel and look good for me. She also taught me that putting on some jewelry can upgrade any T-Shirt, a bright lipstick will go a long way, and a beautiful handbag is absolutely essential.
The world doesn’t need Stanley Street or the beautiful pieces we sell. What the world needs is you! You are unique and amazing and there's no one else like you. The world needs you to show up every day feeling your best. And if you wake up tomorrow and you just aren’t up for the challenge, do what my Gram would do... throw on a chunky necklace and smile!